About Us

About Us

SPR Experience is part of the Supreme Sport Management Group, which was established in 2014 by a group of sports professionals. SPR Experience focuses on education and social impact, working together to bring about positive and sustainable change for youth players and their parents.

Our main objective is to offer educational and sports experiences that add value to the development of young and talented players. Experiences that help them socialise, mature, make their own decisions and in the end, develop a personality that helps them improve their future.

At SPR Expedience we embrace all education pathways, recognising that the definition of success is unique to the achiever and believing in alternative methods of engagement such as sport and creative activities. We are a team of industry leaders who know the power of encouragement and positive influence and advocate healthy lifestyles and minds for all ages.

Our Mission

To inspire ambition and widen horizons for all those we engage through education, sports and positive activities.